Trade 58 | Israeli Mission

Maya had contacted me when I had broadcast my upcoming arrival in Geneva. I was invited to first meet her in their office but, as a diplomat for the Israeli Mission in Geneva, that meant a full airport security style check to pass. It was a little surreal but sorted quickly and before you know it I was greeted by the warm welcome of Maya and her husband, Eyal, setting the tone for how quickly I would feel at home staying with their family. Then I was shaking hands with the ambassador.

The whole airport security treatment when arriving was a bit surreal.
Yeah, but trust me: you go off light... because Maya contacted you. The other way around and it would have been very different.

The trade was to have me photographing the reception the Mission was hosting to celebrate Israel's 69th year of independence as well as head into the United Nations a couple of days following it to create some more formal portraits for Maya and the other Israeli diplomats in the team while also being fascinated by the insight provided on the slow turning wheels of international politics.

For security reasons I am unable to share the work done for the trade, but I can share the photos from a hike through postcard Switzerland's vineyards, mountains and lakes. Not a bad alternative...

British photographer moving between hosts and countries through a back-to-back series of creative trades. Exchanging my photography for all of my needs in a mission to reach every continent without needing money.