The Glass Passport
The Glass Passport
International Photography Project

A Perspective that can't be bought


photography Traded for food, accommodation & transport

Trade 8 | Cornwall, England


A mission to reach every continent through creative exchange

Trade 31 | London, England


removing the value of money from the conversation

Trade 39 | Harz Mountains, Germany


Documenting every trade, location and encounter on route

Trade 51 | Milan, Italy


A camera, a will and a way

What might someone experience travelling worldwide using a camera instead of a wallet?

Trading photography for essential needs - food to eat, a place to stay and transport between hosts - to create and share a series of windows into others' lives, connections and pursuits.

Lost in the post-university frustration with what to do with myself, I believed the answer to my direction and purpose was somewhere to be discovered in throwing myself out into the world. Doing more work. Going beyond where I had been before by setting a goal on a scale I had no idea how to achieve.

And in doing so... perhaps the answer is the least important part.


Continents: 1 of 7 | Countries: 5 | Locations: 23 | Trades: 51

Mar 21 - 25 - York, England

Mar 25 - 27 - London, England

Mar 27 - Apr 3 - Nairobi, Kenya

Apr 8 - 14 - Genoa, Italy

May 9 - 12 - Amsterdam, Netherlands

May 22 - Jun 15 - Masaka, Uganda