Trade 55 | Butter-Fed Fitness

This was the project trade 46 was meant to be. But I certainly didn't mind returning to Genoa for a second time to enjoy the warmer season. This time Camille (@explorewanderdiscover), who had introduced us, had also come from Switzerland in order to collaborate on creating imagery/content for Veronika's personal training business (@butterfedfitness) as well as taking the role of example/guinea pig to the training/nutrition plan. Not me though - I don't think I could never handle being brought to Italy and denied pizza.

A bloody jellyfish got me.
What! Where?!
Back there... but thought it was best not telling you at the time.
I don’t believe you.

The clue is in the Instagram handle. Veronika's approach was nutrition focused on reducing sugars and focusing more on fats/protein. She goes into far more detail from her studies on her Instagram but in my layman observations her culinary efforts, while certainly against the Italian grain, were a good enough reason to follow these nutrition habits alone. I never expected to catch myself enjoying steamed broccoli as part of a breakfast.

So we spent the time eating, training, walking, eating, swimming in jellyfish infested waters (okay, there were two) and eating. The trade was creating a mix of imagery of food, fitness and lifestyle shots and portraits.

Veronika help! We’re rubbish at food styling
*Creates more mess
Much better
It looks so Pinterest
Too Pinteresty?

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