Trade 34 | Declan Perring

Declan Perring - housemate of Ava, actor and ball of energy - was in need of new headshots. I had never done headshots before. That made this trade a nice example of how the project also helps me by providing the time and environment to figure things out. I couldn't normally turn up to a client I was charging and ask how headshots usually work then feng shui their dining room to create a makeshift studio. But while crashing on their sofa bed for the week I could.

Sat on one of the shelves was a plaque awarded to Declan for acting excellence at a recent Edinburgh Fringe Festival for his efforts in a one man show, Belfast Boiiy. So as well as the acting chops his presence was evidenced further when I joined their house party a couple of weeks later, walking in to the tail end of Declan hosting a live lounge of sorts comprised of music, poetry and live readings from a crowd of actor/musician friends. Once again the project had thrown me into another new world of people and talent.



Nomadic photographer travelling the world without money by trading photography for my essential living needs.