Trade 33 | Ava Riby-Williams

This made it two-for-two on trades involving yoga that also involved being told we weren't allowed to photo and yoga in a particular spot of London. The first being Kimberley who was also the one to introduce me to Ava as they shared a yoga instructor. Fresh off a long and cramped train from the Lake District I arrived at Ava's flat and was immediately greeted by a wall of excited greetings from her and her housemates. This was going to be another fun trade.

We were only able to spend an afternoon shooting yoga poses but worth taking the time to appreciate the strength and balance possessed for the poses pictured below. I stayed Sun-Thurs and the whole house were busy hustling then crashing out for most of the week, but energy of everyone was such that I could feel I was missing out leaving just before the weekend. Fortunately they all invited and welcomed me back for a house party a couple of weeks later and that energy on a Friday night translated into not calling it until 6am.

But yes, turns out they don't like yoga being practiced in the underground. Perhaps that's fair. Made for some cool slow shutter shots though. Worth it for the shot at the end.

You can find one of Ava's London classes or get in touch for a one-to-one session here:



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