Trade 73 | Anna Bowker

I can't say I was particularly taken in by the city of Dubai, but a horse farm in the Abu Dhabi 'countryside' was far more up my street. The invitation from South African Vet, Anna, only a few days before flying out to the UAE was quickly accepted.

Drama as their horse winning the main event at the races was DQ'd in a tight call, another horse on the farm fought for its health, seeing one over enthusiastic Emirate get his Audi stuck while dune bashing in the desert and camel racing being as much of a spectacle as you might expect running camels ridden by tiny robot jockeys to be

Oh, and horse pools. Massive swimming pools for some equine laps. A sight in itself.

British photographer moving between hosts and countries through a back-to-back series of creative trades. Exchanging my photography for all of my needs in a mission to reach every continent without needing money.