Trade 63 | Lizzie Wright

I didn't encounter a limit to Lizzie's energy during my month in Uganda. Event manager for the Marathon (Trade 62) based in Uganda year round she spent most of the event behind the scenes on the phone juggling the various logistics and suppliers and, if you caught the video, also the one giggling away having slid the Land Cruiser into a bush on the course recce. After the rest of the Marathon team had headed back I spent my final week trading with Lizzie in Entebbe photographing her soon to be launched guest house - The Guinea Fowl - as well as friend and fellow expat Claire's menagerie of dogs, cats and horses. It almost felt like being back home in Norfolk.

That shop over there - it’s called ‘Come Hard Again’
haha, what?
It’s a carpenter’s. ‘Come Hard Again Carpenters’. That’s it’s actual name... We were looking for a carpenter and my brother spotted it and shouted ‘Lizzie, we must stop here!’

So Fergus (the Jack Russell) rode shotgun as we headed out for some horse riding shots that would be one of the experiences offered through the guest house and Lizzie's other tourism efforts. That is until he found a moment to leap out and find a large puddle of mud to equiant his little legs with...

Back at the guest house we enjoyed several beers in a garden that felt destined for beer consumption as the final vibrant decor touches were falling into place ready for me to photograph. Separate and following on from my trading I went on to use the photos from the trade to design the guest house's just launched website.

So for those who might find themselves in Uganda -

British photographer moving between hosts and countries through a back-to-back series of creative trades. Exchanging my photography for all of my needs in a mission to reach every continent without needing money.