Trade 51 | Rhianna May

When it comes to a building a creative skillset and style some elements are instinctive, some are learnt specifically, others are absorbed in passing. The origin of some of these building blocks remaining unknown but with others you can trace exactly who influenced what. I first met Rhianna in London a couple of years ago and can specifically recall her photo essay format and attention to details in her imagery on Wildest Journal were an early influence on my work that have echoed into this project.

Perth grown Aussie and self-proclaimed beach baby at heart with a fond attachment to film in the form of her ever-present Pentax K1000. We were able to arrange a trade when I saw she had relocated to Milan just a couple of weeks prior, which made for another short and sweet stop in Italy.

Italians don’t really do shoes off and are quite particular about their fashion; they find an Australian wandering around in a dress and bare feet a bit weird
— Rhianna May

Given her ability as a photographer the trade was for the only thing I could offer she couldn’t do – portraits of her, specifically with a focus on her support/choice of sustainable clothing. Outside of the photography itself Italy provided another food centric trade of Milanese aperitivo, coffee, pastries, pizza, panzerotti and, of course, gelato. Along with Rhianna’s Finnish colleague Ilona, if we weren’t eating, drinking or photographing we were walking in search of one of if not all three.


Milan, Italy




Skirt & Checked Top - NotPerfectLinen

White Crop Top - Elizabeth Suzann

Jacket - Beaumont Organic

Boots - Belmore Australia 

British photographer moving between hosts and countries through a back-to-back series of creative trades. Exchanging my photography for all of my needs in a mission to reach every continent without needing money.