Trade 37 | Jane McGill

As Jane, Alex, Winston, Sid and I hiked our way up South Wales peaks Corn Du and Pen y Fan Pug/Jack Russell cross (Jug) Winston would regularly shuttle up and down our group to ensure everything was in order. Without fail, every time someone fell back to take in the view or take a photo, as I often did, it would elicit an immediate glare from our vertically challenged expedition overseer before he would scuttle along back to the wayward soul to check they were alright. Or remind us to stop pissing around... I could never quite tell.

Come on fuckos

Beginning with a early start from London arriving in Wales for 10am, we completed our hike ushered on by our four-legged guides then headed to Somerset for a rugby dinner, crashed there then made our way back to London the following day in time for us to meet up with explorer Mark Evans. Mark had successfully crossed the Empty Quarter of Oman and Saudi Arabia and Jane had got in touch seeking advice as she currently pulls together plans of making a similar crossing as the first woman to do so along with a battlefield tour of Oman, captivated by what the Middle East had to offer.

This new expedition in the works was to add to "lawyer, art dealer, adventurer, soldier, bar wench, explorer, life model, presenter, endurance athlete, estate agent" as the growing list of Jane's pursuits. To add perspective, this is now all in the wake of a military career ended by a broken back, so even hiking up a modest peak in Wales shows things had come out relatively well.

Returning from that weekend Jane kindly let me stay in Clapham for a couple of weeks and made for great company (as well as personal space invading Sid & Winston) as I caught up on photo work, attended events and in the end wound down before returning home. I was to over eat, drink and catch up over Christmas and the next trade was to be international.

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