Trade 28 | David Hill

I wrote about Yestival (Trade 26) and the spectrum of what people were seeking in being there. David was someone who, in his own words, had come simply to enjoy camping away from London and while hearing some cool stories. Then again he had also just quit his job but he wasn't making a big thing of that either. Easygoing on all accounts, which made for a fun trade.

David had approached me after my talk at Yestival interested in trading and we were able book this trade in easily. He'd created this Knitting Aid product designed for his final year project as a student and had been selling it on and off over the years whenever he put his mind to it. Fresh photography was part of another push along with the various components strewn over his flat ready to be assembled and shipped.

It might not be the most glamorous of products on the surface but I was most impressed how he'd sourced the production and designed all the aspects as a one-man-show. Something else he appeared to have taken in his stride. I'm not particularly clued up on the knitting world but I could immediately see how it worked and its function as an aid.

Our makeshift product photography shoot in his flat was bookended by binge watching the latest season of Black Mirror and good conversation enjoyed over few beers at the pub. He then shot off on holiday over the weekend with his girlfriend and offered me run of the place for a couple of days with a cupboard of food to chill out and catch up on my backlog.

So I wasn't worked too hard. Very much appreciated.

If you have any knitters in your friends/family in the lead up to Christmas it could be well worth a look:



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