Trade 10 | The Clarendon

"Welcome to offline social media". A trade exactly how I envisioned the project. These early months are still subject to an awful lot of making it up as I go; gradually discovering the possibilities and boundaries of the undertaking. My time at The Clarendon was what exactly what I hope for it to be about: good food, good conversation and unexpected sources of creativity.

Ben, owner of the pub and the vast collection of music homages within it, was a referral from previous trade Kiko and greeted me with an abundance of ideas for photography as well a continued enthusiasm for the project that had a habit of turning one evening beer into four.

Craft beer, retro games and curated design details made up the majority of the photography as well as contribution to Ben's centrepiece project: Humans of The Clarendon - a series of portraits of and insights into all the staff members.

A locale and trade that may not have the scale and wonder of the Highlands or the Lake District; this trade was all about the company instead.  A wonderfully welcoming place that knows what it's all about and a project highlight. Should you find yourself there, I recommend the pita nachos unreservedly.



British photographer moving between hosts and countries through a back-to-back series of creative trades. Exchanging my photography for all of my needs in a mission to reach every continent without needing money.