International Photography Project

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the project?

The Glass Passport Project is an attempt to live and travel to every continent without needing money by exchanging my services as a photographer for food, accommodation and transport through a back-to-back series of Trades.

What are you offering?

In exchange for the provision of these basic needs I'm offering my services as a professional photographer for any event, business or project (personal or professional) you may need for the duration each trade.

I will edit and compile the resulting photographs for you to download online. They are then yours to use as you wish.

What do you need from me?

I ask for all my living/travel needs to be provided from each host/trade for the duration of my stay: transport costs covered or contributed towards, a roof over my head and an extra portion of food at your table. (plus anything that might be needed occasionally to keep this human sane and healthy - visas, haircuts, deodorant, beer, etc)

The form the provision of these needs takes continues to vary wonderfully throughout the project. Too much to list every conceivable iteration but as long as they are somehow covered I'll be there with a camera.

During our trade I will also ask if you can introduce me/share the project to others in your network who would be interested to ensure the trading continues and I always have somewhere to go.

What kind of photography do you provide?

I’ve already photographed portraiture, lifestyle, weddings, marathons, festivals, restaurants, actors, interior designers, mountain hikes, artists and a even a few barrel rolls in a biplane all through trade. 

The floor is open to you for any kind of project that can be dreamt up.

No, not that. Put it away.

How long is a trade?

A few days or a couple of weeks; however long your project requires. We can work this out according to the ambition of your trade and to make sure I have somewhere to go afterwards/time to edit/etc.

I typically ask for a minimum of three nights to provide the space/time to keep all my plates spinning.

Can the photos be private?

Of course. What I share on the website is just a selection of the work I have done but I am happy to keep your trade/elements of it private at your request.

I'd like to trade but I can't cover everything you need

At its simplest I ask that hosts provide all three elements to keep the project (and me) running. However, if you know someone else or several people in your area who also want to trade, these elements and the travel costs can be shared between trades.

This way a group can 'crowdfund' my trip over to them and I can photograph for everyone. Get in touch and let me know what you can and can't do and we will work it out.

Okay, sounds good but I'm a little hesitant about hosting a stranger... 

Please do say hello through email/facebook/instagram/carrier pigeon and we'll no longer be strangers. I will be more than happy to arrange a phone call or Skype to go over creative plans and disperse any reservations you might have.

The project wouldn't have gotten this far if I made a habit of robbing the place.