Trade 41 | Janik Nuss

I met Janik on my first night in Berlin at Sophia's improv acting seminar and, as a close friend of Sophia's, the three of us headed out for a drink afterwards. Immediately a warm, friendly character and comfortable in his own skin. Immediately likeable and made an obvious choice for the next trade photographing for his business as a style coach.

During my few days here, in addition to Janik's company and veggie cooking ability, I enjoyed one of my favourite living room spaces of the project - half comfy sofas/wall projector, half large desk co-working-esque focus zone - one certainly reflective of the easygoing but also driven nature of Janik and his flatmates each pursuing their various and individual businesses and projects. Not to mention being introduced to a) German Döner as a stand alone meal that is thankfully far removed from the English doner kebab in its quality and b) Berlin's food saving put to use as a viable option to fill the cupboards for free with kilos of assorted bread.

For the trade Janik had specific ideas and needs for his website we spent a while figuring out together as we both took time to shake off morning grogginess and find creativity. Having worked out our shots I spend a morning balanced on a ladder in my pajamas shooting a dressed up Janik and his flatmate/previous customer Robert as well as portraits of Janik and some fashion/stock shots for general use.



British photographer moving between hosts and countries through a back-to-back series of creative trades. Exchanging my photography for all of my needs in a mission to reach every continent without needing money.