Richard Tilney-Bassett

In July 2016 I distilled my life into a suitcase and my office into a rucksack and set out to travel to every continent without spending any money.

Since then I have been travelling from host-to-host worldwide as a 'live in' photographer, charging for my work in three alternative currencies - food, beds and plane tickets.

Living nomadically without cost by trading my professional photography for my essential living needs.

A decision triggered from a unwillingness to wait for someone else's say so to create the changes I sought.

A pursuit grown from a believe that the answer to what my place in the world is was to be was to be found in throwing myself out into it.

Doing more work.

Going beyond where I had been before by setting a goal on a scale I had no idea how to achieve.

And in doing so... perhaps the answer is the least important part.


Keen Europe Ambassador | Pally'Hi Ambassador