International Photography Project

A simple foundation with many forms.

Instead of charging a full rate for my service as a photographer I instead live and travel by trading my work for all my needs.

The core three being the transport needed to move me from location-to-location, somewhere to stay and food to keep me running as well as any other occasional oddities that may be needed to progress and keep this human healthy and sane (visas, deodorant, haircuts, beer, etc).

Each photography project and host that provides this is one in a series of 'Trades' all of which are documented here. By arranging these trades back-to-back I continue to travel between countries and continents removing money from my day-to-day life.

Finding out what happens existing simply off trading the value I can offer for what I need.

Watch the video above or read through the FAQ to learn more.

Richard Tilney-Bassett